Quality control, management and operations

Inegrated management systems leads to a better operational result. Therefore we consider it important to utilize the ideas and practices of quality management and motivate our members to build their quality systems and get them certified as required..

  • SI arrange courses in operating small and medium sized enterprises.
  • SI offer information and assistance in establishing quality management.
  • SI have initiated the use of quality management in every major building project
  • SI have made Taxti, a computer model designed to calculate sales price and hourly rates based on each companies circumstances, available to our members.
  • SI are a member of the Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Index, which measures how satisfied customers are with the service of certain companies and trades.
  • SI are members of Vottun hf. a company that provides service in the field of implementing quality systems.
  • World Class Manufacturing is a project SI are working on with a group of production managers from our member companies.
  • Microscope is a methodology SI use to enable companies to compare their operations to best practices domestically and abroad and by doing so finding a practical comparison.