Education and information

The SI takes part in planning vocational en technical education along with educational authorities and various organisations. The federeation has a representative on the board of the educational organisations of industry which have for a number of years organised continuing education for tradesmen and managers.

  • We own and run with others: the National Centre for Construction Education, the Icelandic National Council for Education and Training in the Metal Industry, the Graphic Arts Institute and The Educational Board of the Food and Catering Branches. 
  • Courses for untrained workers. We have representatives on the board of Starfsafl which is a fund for the educational support of untrained workers in the greater Reykjavik area and on the board of the Occupational Council.
  • We promote the importance of technical and vocational training in conjunction with, among others, the Society of Technical Colleges.
  • The value of industry, education and jobs is promoted at every level of  the educational system, for example through the award winning website IDAN.IS.
  • We have signed an agreement to support a position at the University of Iceland.
  • Occupational work groups and school boards are working towards a better technical and vocational education tailored to the needs of industry.
  • The SI is a member of an organisation which purpose is to improve technical and vocational education and science teaching in schools.
  • Education of  foremen and middle managers is our task.