Standards and CE-markings

The importance of European standards has increased with the growing number of member states and well over ten thousand have been confirmed as Icelandic standards. SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries has always recognised the importance of being involved with work regarding standards issues and have representatives in occupational work groups within the Icelandic Standards Institute.

  • SI have, in collaboration with the Icelandic Standards Institute, produced educational material as well as marketing collateral regarding standards and CE-markings and provide service for enterprises in various branches of industry.
  • SI provide information regarding standards and their development and actively participate in the translation and introduction of standards in Iceland, such as IST30 for construction work, ISO-9000 for quality systems and the HACCP standard for food safety. 
  • SI monitor international and European standards development as well as reciprocal acceptance of tests, control and certification on the basis of EU directives and international standards.