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cleantech-logoCleanTech Iceland is a consortium working within Federation of Icelandic Industries. It accelerates the growth of companies with environmentally friendly technologies and green enterprises to promote a sustainable planet. CleanTech Iceland will enable this rapidly evolving industry to establish a strong cluster in Iceland building upon the success of Iceland's biotech and geothermal sectors.

CleanTech Iceland supports the creation of this dynamic cluster of clean technology enterprises by advocating for export,international, national and local research funding, new sources of investment capital, workforce development, international trade, appropriate regulation or incentives, and sustainable land use planning and development.

Sustainability will necessitate changes in public policy in areas of development practices, transportation options and resource consumption. CleanTech Iceland will be an active partner with government, private entities and the nonprofit community, to analyze the policy options and support adoption of best practices throughout the region.

Cleantech is a term used to describe products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Member companies focus on areas such as clean energy, recycling, IT and energy efficiency in transport, buildings and production.

Member companies 

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