Member organisations and occupational work groups

- active participation and service

Being a member of SI means that companies taka an active part in shaping their own future and working environment and influence the prioritisation of SI´s tasks in line with their own interests.

  •  When forming strategies for different vocations we have developed methods based on the active participation of enterprises and their main business- and development partners.
  • Working closely with our members we develop various projects that have been defined in our strategic work, for example within the fields of education, marketing, management, standards, quality issues, legislation, innovation and development.
  • Representatives from all member organisations and occupational work groups are members of the advisory board of SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries which takes an active part in forming the overall strategy for the federation as well as advising the executive board on important issues.
  • SI service master craftsmen, vocational organisations and occupational work groups in a number of ways, concerning matters such as membership lists, meeting rooms, publishing and public relations, debt collection and mailing.