Innovation and development

Innovation and development is necessary for industrial progress. SI works with a wide range of domestic and foreign parties, take active part in strategic planning and promote the co-operation of industrial companies, their customers and institutions in the fields of research, development and problem solving.

  • SI bring together fisheries and industry to further develop technology which increases the value of fish and related products.
  • Within the health care sector we urge companies, institutions and the public to increase their domestic and foreign co-operation regarding development and marketing.
  • SI give information about domestic and foreign research collaboration and give seminars on funding of R&D in Iceland, Nordic and EU research programs.
  • SI co-operate in a number of ways with ICETEC and the New Business Venture Fund where we have a representative on the board.
  • SI follow closely the strategy and work of the science and technology council and we appoint representatives on various technical committees along with The Confederation of Icelandic Employers.
  • SI take direct part in Nordic and European innovation and development projects.
  • SI work is often related to financing, organisation, project development and creating a channel between companies for communication and project development.