The Jobmarket

SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries lead the reorganisation of the employers organisation. Our purpose is to rationalise business, increase collaboration between employers and clarify the role of each member. SI - the Federeation of Icelandic Industries is by far the largest member organisation of The Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA).

  • The employees of SI participate in the preparation and negotiation of wage agreements lead by the SA.
  • We initated the development of standard employment contracts for member companies.
  • The SA interprets, explains and assists our members regarding legal matters on our behalf.  The SA´s jobmarket website is a part of that service.
  • Companies that want to negotiate salaries with their employees themselves can become members of SA´s service department.  These companies are not members of the labour dispute fund  and do not contribute to it.
  • We have agreed that master craftsmen with their own business can become members of the SI and/or the SA by paying a minimal fee.
  • In some branches of industry we survey salaries for our member companies,
  • The SI takes part in the work of The Labour Market Institute.